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At E365, we specialize in planning and organizing top-notch birthday parties for your loved ones. We will work with you all throughout the event so that your special one’s birthday party feels exceptional. We maintain very high standards with our professionalism and creativity. We have extensive experience in planning and organizing exclusive birthday parties in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Birthdays are special days in anyone’s life. Kids dream of a good surprise on their birthday. Adults like to give surprises and also in some cases like to receive surprises. We understand the emotion behind this and provide our various services accordingly.

The Challenges
Planning and organizing a successful and impressive birthday party event is no joke. There are a lot of things you need to take care of. There are several elements to a birthday event that need to come together in order to make it special.

Planning is the key
First comes the planning stage. Most people choose to pick a theme for their kid’s birthday. Deciding upon a theme is a challenge in itself.

Inviting with a touch of taste
Invitation cards will have a lasting impressional on your potential attendees’ minds. A good invitation card is a must if you want your party to stand out. An attractive card says so much about your taste that you cannot ignore the importance of it.

Say cheese
One of the most important features is photography and cinematography. You will not be able to store the special birthday indefinitely without them. Good photography and videography can make or break a party. They are vital.

Happy Mascots
If it’s a kid’s birthday party, you are going to want to have mascots. Mascots can make the children happy so they are very important.

Your heart is where your food is
There is no way you will have a great birthday party event without good food and catering service. This is one of the things the attendees will love the most. This is so essential that there’s absolutely no room for error here. Oh and don’t forget the cake! The most important element of a birthday party. You have to select and order one to please everyone, both design-wise and taste-wise.

Location, location, location
The venue for the party is also very important. You need to think about the type of guest you will have and select the venue accordingly. This certainly becomes a hassle for many.

Decorate to impress
The decorations and lightings will set the mood for the party. They need to be styled according to the theme of the party. Bad lighting and decorations can set you up for a disaster.

No Activities? Dull!
Kids love activities. It’s very important that you have some recreational games and activities at a kid’s birthday party. Throwing in a little performance like a magic show can really brighten up the kids day.

How We Can Help
Well, who says you have to worry about any of the things mentioned above? We have a team of experienced, professional and passionate members to take care of everything. We have the most trusted and reliable vendors for selecting the venue, designing and printing invitation cards, photography and videography, food and cakes, mascots, decoration and lighting, various games and activities and everything else you can think of. We will take care of everything so that you don’t have to stress one bit. And we do understand that planning so many things and negotiating to so many vendors and leave you sleepless for several nights.

We will work with you from the concept stage until the guests leave. We will be there taking care of every little detail so that you can have the best birthday party for your loved ones. We always endeavour to exceed your expectations. Our aim is to create a unique and lasting experience so that your guests enthuse about the party long after they reach home. What could be more satisfying than that!