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E365 rents Big LED Video Wall Screens anywhere in Bangladesh. Due to years of experience and extensive collections of LED Walls, we are ready to make your Event outstanding. From Live Streaming on social media to simple presentations, we have all kinds of technologies and logistics to make your Event stand out. We guarantee the best quality screen as well as a competitive price.

What is a LED Video Wall Display?

LED Video Wall Screen consists of multiple LED Panel or Block. Multiple LED Blocks display content in such a way it looks like a single big video screen. These screens are mostly seen in stadiums, corporate Events, and other public places. Check Wikipedia if you want to dive deep into LED Wall Screen.

Type of Event Logistics Rental Services:

Why Choose Us?

  1. We have various types of Screen Options.
  2. We always set up everything in time.
  3. Our teams are experienced.
  4. We have been listed as the #1 LED Screen rental company for our past outstanding reviews at TopRatedFirm.com.

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