E365 Ventures


As a Brand Activation Agency in Dhaka and Bangladesh, we have an excellent track record. We at Dhaka Event Planner understand that it is difficult to plan and execute a working brand activation strategy on your own. This is where we can help. We have the skills and experience in creating a complete brand experience. By planning, designing, managing the products, services and strategies, we will help you build a solid and long-lasting connection with your audience.  We bring your brand to life.

Brand activation could be a relatively unfamiliar term for some. However, aligning your customers with what your company stands for has become more important than ever. Your loyal customers expect more from you in exchange for their loyalty.

This is where brand activation plays an important role.

People have short attention spans these days. Therefore, it is important to form an emotional connection between your brand and your customers. This is one of the primary aims of brand activation.

Brand activation can come in many forms and make use of varieties of methods and channels. Regardless of the methods though, the primary objective remains the same – build a long term and trusted relationship with your customer.

There are several qualities that make a brand activation agency excellent. We have the confidence to say we possess all of them. These are the qualities that we believe define us: