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Professional wedding photography in Dhaka and all over Bangladesh is not a recent trend. What’s relatively recent is the quality of photography and videography. E365  provides experienced, professional and quality photography and videography services to clients

People all around the world like to capture and store their special wedding day. It is crucial that you hire the best and the most professional wedding photographer for your wedding day. Your wedding photos are your memories for life. We help you create the best memories for you. 

Hiring a quality photographer can be a daunting task for you. Here’s how we can help.

Portfolio Pile

Sifting through a lot of samples of photographs to find the one that matches exactly with what you have in mind can be overwhelming. To add to that, sometimes the actual final work does not match the portfolio which can leave you feeling deceived. But it’ll be too late by the time you realize that. Which is why we already have a list of quality photographers from which you can choose one or ask us to recommend one. We’ve already done all the hard work for you. Let’s admit it – wedding planning is already too stressful. It can only help if we can share some of the stress and leave you with nothing but enjoyment for your special moments. 

There’s quite a lot of things you have to consider while booking a photographer. You might have to talk to them to see if their work or way of thinking match your taste. You might have to look through the entire wedding albums to see if they are consistent. These are quite time-consuming. This is why you’d want to leave all those work to us so that we can provide you with the best photographs for your wedding. 

Keeping it Within Budget

If not planned carefully, wedding photography can quickly become expensive. It’s nothing less than a hassle to choose a photographer that matches both your taste and your budget. We know that the budget can become a great issue for some couples. We are always carefully selecting and suggesting photographers who are within your budget and also provides the type of photography that you want. 

It’s an Emotional Affair 

Wedding is a set of emotions. It’s vital that the photographer is in sync with the emotions people are showing around them. It’s often a mixed set of emotions for the parents and the bride. Some people hold back their tears. Some brides are happy and sad at the same time. Some are ecstatic with joy. Some shed a few tears of happiness seeing their little girl in the wedding dress for the first time. It’s essential that the photographer is mindful enough to capture these emotions because these are emotions to treasure for life. Our photographer vendors are carefully selected so that they are mindful enough to capture the best moments of your wedding day. 


If the photographer you hired is not sensitive enough to the people around them, it’s a major disappointment. The wedding stage is surrounded by your loved ones. It’s imperative that the photographer is good with the wedding guests. The photographer should be polite to all the wedding guests and treating all as equal. We at Dhaka Event Planner treat this issue with importance and select our photographers accordingly.

Method and Speed of Delivery 

It is not very uncommon for photographers to take a lot more time than promised to deliver the photos. This can be really frustrating for the newlyweds. It is also important to understand what sort of final product will be delivered. Sometimes only digital is not enough. Some prefer printed photos in an album as well. 

We at Dhaka Event Planner make sure that our photographers deliver your photos in a timely manner and as promised. 

The importance of wedding photography is right at the top of the list. Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event and your photographer is tasked with preserving this event. We make sure that these photos will bring tears of happiness and joy to your eyes, not distress and frustration. 

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